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Looking to hire a shirtless barman? We can supply experienced hunks to your home in Melbourne.

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We have over 200 Topless waiters and Male strippers Australia wide so please contact us to see the full list of guys availible for your upcoming hens night in Sydney.

Topless waiter Entertainment in Melbourne

Your hens party will not be completed without a sexy barmen to make it more interesting, let the topless waiters join you for a while. Have a unique entertainment with the help of semi-naked waiters and create a non-stop flirtation that will satisfy all your desires. Just by looking into their eyes and smiles together with their tempting bodies, you get drowned into different kinds of entertainment.

Gone are the days when you are just attending a typical nightlife activity, level up with topless waiters and enjoy most of the amazing things in Melbourne. Say goodbye to boredom and say hello to a night full of giggles and seductive entertainment. Meet our topless waiters!

    Playfulness and Confidence

When you organize or attend a hens party, make that is loaded with sexy atmosphere and surprises. This is the best time for you to show your playful side and confidence to have fun and mingle around with topless waiters. Surely, you get the best of your appetite while taking a bite of your food and a sip of your well-loved drinks while enjoying the view of semi-naked waiters. Display your sexiest appeal and enjoy the night in the arms of topless waiters!

Topless Waiters Melbourne

Do I get to choose the guy?

Yes contact us for the full list of guys availible.

What are the types of events catered by the MIA?

The most obvious events are for hen’s nights. But for that matter we also do birthdays and ladies nights. Further on the list we have corporate events, awards nights, fundraisers & divorce parties.

What is the purpose of the MIA topless waiters?

The men will be there to serve you food & drinks, and they will do that in a topless fashion. They will be there to mingle with your guests and then hens in particular and provide general entertainment. What these waiters won’t do is to strip down because they aren’t strippers. If you are interested in that sort of stuff, you can visit our stripper page.

What do they wear for the event?

Our topless waiters have black pants, black shoes, & a bow tie called upon request.

Can the topless waiters host the hens games?

It will be pleasure for our guys to host and partake in the hens games. Although many of them have some games up their sleeves, it is always a good idea that you come up with your own ideas from the internet.

Do the guys have the skills at making cocktails?

The men in action will be happy to comply with your request but it always helps if you give them written instructions and the ingredients on what type of cocktail you want made.

How much time does the shirtless waiter give?

The minimum time given by the MIA is 2 hours. You can have less if you want, but in the end the rate will be the same as for 2 hours.

Will it be cheaper for me if I get more than one waiter for hire?

Yes it is, we request for you to check out the rates page for prices.

Is it ok for my barmen to strip too?

There are some male strippers we have that will take topless jobs in early hours of the evening and they will strip in the end. But for the most part, they will not take jobs after 7.

Are we allowed to take photos?

You are most welcome to do that. You can also post the pictures on Men in action Facebook and instagram..

What is the booking Process?

For booking purposes you can just go ahead and call us or write to us by email. The catch here is that the more information you’ll provide, the easier it’ll be for us to get you the bartender you want.

Provide us the following details:

• Time:

• Date:

• Location:

• The duration:

• A minimum of 3 guys of your choice:

• Your contact information:

• The event type:

• You can also provide affiliate information that helps us in any way in the booking process.

Do the guys travel?

Of course. We have service for you that extends to a large area. Our waiters can also travel to remote places with additional cost.

What do you mean by body shots?

By Body shots it means that the girls drink off the shots from a waiter’s body while he is lying down.

Can we provide our own venue?

Yes of course. We have our contacts in the Melbourne area to host private functions. You can check out the hens package in the cbd.

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